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Supercute Package

Our most popular package!

This package includes up to 25 characters and includes personalized colors, graphics and flair that coordinate with your message at no additional cost.


Happy 11th Birthday Daisy!

Cheers to 25 Years!

We Love You, Mom!

Congratulations Kyle

IMG_2536 (2).jpg

Supercute PLUS Package

When you need more than 25 letters.

Do you have a multiple recipients, long names or hashtags? The Supercute Package PLUS is right for you. All Supercute Yard Card designs include personalized colors, graphics and flair that coordinate with your message at no additional cost. If needed, we can customize additional graphics for multiple recipients.   Be sure to include details in the reservation request.



Happy 9th Birthday Stephanie & Jonathan!

Happy 25th Anniversary Patrick & Jennifer!

IMG_2536 (2).jpg

The WOW Factor Package

Breathtaking and Jaw-Dropping.

Do you want to leave them speechless?

Do you have an extra-long message?

We would LOVE to design something
spectacular for your special person or event!
The sky's the limit on this package!
Multiple words or phrases plus additional lush graphics will be added to fill the lawn space.


This usually includes an inflatable element.  We prefer a lead time of 7  days to ensure inventory is available.

IMG_2536 (2).jpg

Additional Day Rental

Need more than a 24 hour rental period?
Do you have a weekend event?


Based on the location, date and time, we MAY BE ABLE to accommodate a request for an additional day rental period. 


Please note: you are responsible for the safety of the Supercute Yard Card and should guard against damage or theft. 


Please read the rental agreement for additional details.


Cutiepie Package


Our most affordable solo birthday option An inflatable Happy Birthday cake and up 10 letters or graphics


Inflatable Cake 


Surprise them with a 6 foot inflatable cake!  Requires a working electrical outlet. We provide the extension cords.


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