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About Supercute YardCards


❣️ Supercute Yard Cards is a TRENDY, FUN way to make a special day even better! Your recipient will be surprised by the GIANT, colorful message that magically appears on their front lawn in the morning. Each sign has creative personalized touches sure to be enjoyed and LOVED by all ages! 

❣️ Our attention-grabbing Supercute Yard Cards are about 24 feet long and consist of beautiful 24-inch letters and multiple whimsical 12-36 inch graphics on metal stakes. Compact designs are available for smaller lawns.

❣️ Supercute Yard Cards make delightful, creative, memorable photo backgrounds! Invite friends, family and neighbors over to take pictures with the recipient. Then share those happy vibes via social media!

IMG_2562 (1).jpg

❣️ Do you want a WOW moment?
Add a giant inflatable Happy Birthday Cake, Batman, Unicorn, or Fortnite Loot Llama and make it a reveal they will never forget! 

❣️ Our service includes design, delivery, installation, and removal of rental celebration signs. 

❣️ With an additional $25 delivery fee, we gladly deliver to: 
East Granby, East Hartford, Granby, Glastonbury, Windsor, and towns within a 20-mile radius. 


❣️ H! I’m Dee Stephens - The owner of Supercute Yard Cards, LLC. I have always had a generous, creative, fun, entrepreneurial spirit. 


Supercute Yard Cards was born during the 2020 COVID pandemic. It's how I choose to spread joy and positivity to my Farmington Valley neighbors during these challenging times.


I want people to stay connected and be able to celebrate in a new, meaningful way.  “Supercute” is a trendy phrase and it perfectly describes the adorable reactions people have to these giant,
whimsical, lawn-size, greeting card signs.



I know a mom’s heart and understand a family budget. You will find a range of price points to select from. I value supporting the local community, school, church, and charity events. Reach out to me with your celebration sign rental needs.


I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I am a current resident of Farmington/Avon where I live with my amazing 22-year-old daughter Shay, our dog Bentley, and our beta fish Felipe II. I am very happy to meet you and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

About Me

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