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Santa's Love

Book Your Portrait Session Now

You will receive 5 digital images with the opportunity to purchase more from your personal gallery.  


Santa has a lot of visitors so appointments are booked in back-to-back 15-minute increments.  


$199 plus CT sales tax. 

Capture the Magic of Meeting Santa!

Supercute Yard Cards knows how to make you SMILE! We offer imaginative, artistic portraits in a beautiful “storybook” country setting, complete with a big, red barn and fullly styled blue and white vintage truck.  We think you are going to LOVE this modern, creative take on the traditional Santa Photo.

  • How much does a Supercute Yard Card cost?
    Our most popular Supercute Yard Card celebration sign is $100 plus tax. See our Pricing page for details.
  • Do you deliver outside of the 10 mile radius?
    Possibly! Submit a Reservation Request form or click the Let's Chat button and we can get back to you. An additional delivery fee may apply.
  • What happens if the sign is damaged or stolen?
    Let's hope that doesn't happen. But if it does... you are responsible for the damages or theft. Refer to our Rental Agreement for additional details.
  • Can I rent a Supercute Yard Card for more than a  24 hour period?
    Given advance notice, we may be able to accommodate that request. Additional charges will apply since we can not offer the letters and graphics to others. Each situation is different so please submit a Reservation Request or click the Let's Chat button. We will try our best to make you smile.
  • How much space is needed?
    Most Supercute Yard Cards are about 24 feet long! But don't worry if you have a small space like a condo. We can design something just as meaningful and more compact.
  • Can I keep it?
    Supercute Yard Cards are rentals and can not be kept.
  • Can I rent the letters and install it myself?
    Due to the metal stakes and sharp edges, we must perform the installation ourselves.
  • Can I rent signs for my school, church or corporate event?"
    Yes! Click the Let's Chat button, or submit a reservation request and we will get back to you to learn more about your event.


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