Santa's Love

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You will receive 5 digital images with the opportunity to purchase more from your personal gallery.  


Santa has a lot of visitors so appointments are booked in back-to-back 15-minute increments.  


$199 plus CT sales tax. 

Capture the Magic of Meeting Santa!

Supercute Yard Cards knows how to make you SMILE! We offer imaginative, artistic portraits in a beautiful “storybook” country setting, complete with a big, red barn and fullly styled blue and white vintage truck.  We think you are going to LOVE this modern, creative take on the traditional Santa Photo.


Will my portrait session still take place in inclement weather?

Our sessions take place outdoors, adjacent to/inside Santa’s camp site. We have taken precautions for rain, but wind and lightning are a problem. We will contact you to discuss options if there is a weather warning that is impactful to our location.

Why am I required to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement?

This is a requirement from our host facility, The Shops of Farmington Valley, requires this form be completed electronically, Please sign, scan it and send back to You can also print and drop it off when you arrive.

What should I expect for my Santa portrait session?

We offer a 15 minute, private, interactive portrait session to capture the magic of meeting Santa Claus. Holiday decorations and scenery will be the backdrop for your gorgeous portraits but the main focus is Santa.

What should I do when I arrive?

Santa’s outdoor camp site is located behind the barn at the Shops of Farmington Valley, 110 Albany Turnpike, Canton CT. Use the parking lot beside the barn and wait at the entrance by Santa’s Garden Shed. Santa has many friends coming to visit his CT Campsite and staying on schedule is VERY important. Please arrive, and be camera ready, 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time of your portrait session. Once Santa is ready for you and you are escorted in, there will be no time to adjust your hair or outfit.

Our family doesn’t feel well, should we still attend our session?

Let’s talk! We will do our best to reschedule your portraits as Santa’s schedule permits.

What if my child is shy or doesn’t cooperate while meeting Santa?

All children are different and there are no guarantees how your child will react. Our skilled team has experience getting the best possible photographs under these circumstances. For example, Santa may step out for “a cookie snack” in the hopes of capturing more relaxed photos. Candid photos can also be adorable memories and may be captured.

Will I get a refund if my child has a negative reaction and doesn’t stay with Santa?

No, we do not offer refunds. If you suspect this may be a problem, we recommend booking a Holiday Photo Session. The focus for those is your family and not Santa.

Is this session appropriate for newborns?

Santa loves newborns. If you choose to bring your newborn, this is a reminder to ensure they are appropriately dressed for outdoor temperatures. To help us prepare, please note a newborn will be photographed on the order form.

Can I bring my dog(s)?

Yes, well behaved dogs on a leash are welcome to have their portraits with Santa either individually or with your family. Please help us keep Santa’s camp site clean by cleaning up after your pet and allowing them to do their business prior to entering. . Please let us know you will be bringing pets on the order form.

Will my child be sitting on Santa’s knee?

Each our our portrait sessions is interactive! If this happens naturally, we will capture it.

What should we wear?

Portraits can be as casual or formal as you choose. Santa’s visitors may be standing, moving or sitting throughout their portrait session. Coordinated colors for the family is recommended over matching clothing. Message us if you need more help or info.

Can I bring additional people to the session?

For health and safety reasons, 5 attendees are allowed. This helps us get all participants photographed together and individually, time permitting.

Can I bring my employees, team or staff in for a photo?

Yes, groups of 5 or fewer, do not need special arrangements. Contact us for to arrange for larger groups.

Can I take my own photos and videos during the photography sessions?

Yes, you may take photos/videos before and after meeting Santa. Once your portrait session begins, only the photographer can take photos or videos. No exceptions.

Can Santa help me propose to my Fiancée or reveal the gender of our baby?

Oh that sounds fun! Message us and let's see how we can make it happen.

Can I bring additional personal items to incorporate in my portrait?

Yes, you can bring items to help calm and reassure your child. We recommend bringing holiday specific items where possible.

How many digital images will I receive and how do I get them?

Your photographer will send you an online gallery with 5 digital images as part of your package. Editing and price of additional images are at the discretion of the photographer. Turnaround time is about 14 days and are the photographer’s product to manage.

I love my photos! How do I buy holiday cards, memory books or larger portraits for my home or to give as gifts?

Many options are available through your photographer. You will receive details once photos are ready.

Are bathrooms available?

There is no heat in Santa's tent, no bathrooms at our site and no diaper changing stations available. You may use public bathroom facilities at stores at the Shops of Farmington Valley.