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Rental Agreement

Message Policy:

  • Supercute Yard Cards are celebratory, sweet and fun. We will not install a display containing political or disrespectful language.


  • You are responsible for the protection of the rented Supercute Yard Card and installation materials.  A fee of $15 per letter or up to $50 per graphic will be charged if the Supercute Yard Card is damaged or stolen. 

  • Do not tape or tie anything to the Supercute Yard Card including balloons or streamers.  Need another stake? Let us know, let us know ahead of time and we may be able to accommodate your request at no additional cost.

Payment Prior to Delivery:

  • Your Supercute Yard Card is confirmed once payment has been received.  If the payment isn’t received by 48 hours PRIOR to the requested date, the Supercute Yard Card installation will not be scheduled and you will NOT receive your rented sign.


  • You are responsible for gaining approval from any authority such as HOA, facility management or neighborhood board.  If the display must be removed for any reason prior to its schedule pickup time, please contact Supercute Yard Cards to make arrangements; an additional $15 re-delivery fee will be charged.

Delivery, Design and Placement:

  • To avoid a re-delivery fee of $15: 

    • Double check the full address including city for accuracy.  

    • Turn yard sprinklers off the morning of installation so that we can access the yard. 

    • Provide the gate code, if applicable.

  • We will choose colors, letters and graphics based on the information you provide.  Designs and placement are at our discretion.  We do our best to select items that reflect the interest/hobbies listed on the reservation form.  However, we can not guarantee certain designs, flair or graphics. 

  • Metal stakes are sharp and can present a trip hazard to enthusiastic viewers. To avoid personal injury or display damage, please exercise caution.

  • Do not reposition or remove the display without discussing it with us. Call or message us for help. 

  • Delivery is around dawn and removal is around sunset. Hours may vary based on schedules, weather, landscape, location and visibility. Let us know if there are circumstances that may change these timeframes.  We are glad to help accommodate changes with sufficient lead time. 

  • An adult household member must know of our sign delivery.

  • Consider advising overly watchful neighbors that we will be in your yard.

Yard Maintenance:

  • Do not mow, edge or trim while your Supercute Yard Card is displayed.  The sign material will get stained or damaged. Schedule your yard mowing for the day before the delivery.

  • To make the stakes go in the ground easier, please water the yard the night before installation.


  • For sanitary purposes:

    • Clear the yard of any pet droppings prior to the installation.

    • Do not allow animals to relieve themselves on the Supercute Yard Card.   

  • Aggressive animals that do not allow for the safe installation of your Supercute Yard Card may require us to cancel the installation and refund your money.


  • Do not allow people to play near the Supercute Yard Card.   We want you to Tag & Brag on social media, just please be safe so no one gets hurt.


  • In the event of inclement weather, we may not be able to install your Supercute Yard Card safely.  Inclement weather includes storms, heavy rain, high winds, snow, hail or any other Acts of God that put us or our display in harms way.  We will attempt to reschedule.  If that is not possible, we will provide a full refund.


  • If you cancel 48 hours or more prior to the scheduled installation date, you will receive a full refund.

Well, now that's done!

Let's get that Supercute Yard Card BOOKED! 

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